100 Exclusive Progressive House Tracks For May 2022

100 Exclusive Progressive House Tracks for May 2022


All tracks are new releases & have not featured on previous packs


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2JOHN'S - Stop & Stay feat SevenEver (Original Mix) - (6:10)
Aiken - Enter the Rave (Original Mix) - (3:35)
AKKAPO - Don't Wake Up (Extended Mix) - (5:53)
AL Sharif, Stevie Krash - The Way (Extended Mix) - (4:23)
Alex Panchenco, Olesya Safarovskih - Mistress (Original Mix) - (6:19)
Alter (UA) - Cycles of Life (Andrewboy Remix) - (6:54)
Alter (UA) - Cycles of Life (High On Mars Remix) - (6:04)
Alter (UA) - Cycles of Life (Original Mix) - (8:04)
Alter (UA) - Spiritual Sign (Original Mix) - (8:19)
Amare - Eclipse (Mila Journée Remix) - (6:51)
Andrewboy - Heart of the Slavic Era (Da Fresh Remix) - (8:11)
Andrewboy - Heart of the Slavic Era (High On Mars and Sebastian Haas Remix) - (7:16)
Andrewboy - Heart of the Slavic Era (Original Mix) - (7:17)
ANMA - Don't Turn (Skapi Remix) - (6:13)
Anna De Ferran, Vallent, Elisa Amaral - Dreams (Extended Mix) - (5:57)
Artem Kai - Invisible Man (Original Mix)
Aurelien Stireg, Anthony Spallino - Spark (Nacres Remix)
Axel Zambrano - Astros (Original Mix)
Axel Zambrano - My Mind (Original Mix)
Batti Seven - Absolute Ligth
Bob the Groove - The Long Hike Above the Clouds (Original Mix)
Bob the Groove - Together We Stand feat Jeanne (Original Mix)
Bound to Divide - Rise (Extended Mix)
Boxer, Matt Fax - Higher (Extended Mix)
Christian Burns - Tigers (LIVA (BR) Extended Remix)
Daniel Tonik - On My Skin (feat STEFF) (Extended Mix)
Darknezz - Hasrat (Original Mix)
Darknezz - Parralel (Original Mix)
DJ ALPI - Excitement (Original Mix)
DJ ALPI - Istanbul (Original Mix)
DJ KID, Aria Avin - Heaven (Original Mix)
Ewan Rill - Explorer (Nightnews Remix)
F4T4L3RR0R - Analog Dream (Parallel Voices Remix)
Feel Fly - Becalmed (Original Mix)
Feel Fly - Grace In Space (Original Mix)
Feel Fly - Mediterranean Dreams (Original Mix)
Feel Fly - Onironauta (Original Mix)
Gelios - Excelsior (Original Mix)
Gelios - Sakura (Original Mix)
GUGGA [BR], RIKO (BR) - Into The Light (Extended Mix)
HABL - Entanglements (Original Mix)
HABL - Tezcatlipoca (Original Mix)
Hakan Ozurun - Morphed Feeling (Manu Riga Remix)
Hawk, Lauren Nicole, Dalla - Alright (Extended Mix)
Ismail Kizil - Ganymede (Dany Dz Remix)
Jan Darsel - Sanur (Original Mix)
Jiyan - India Dream (Original Mix)
Jomtec - Rainy Day (Extended Mix)
Jon The Dentist - Pyramid 96 (Manu Riga Remix)
Joseph Carlo, Bøven - You&Me (Original Mix)
Joshua Idehen, LOOR - Country I Cannot Call Home
Joshua Idehen, LOOR - Kill The Bill (My Spirit Is Not For Kettling)
Joshua Idehen, LOOR - My Hate Will Not Give Me Peace
Joshua Idehen, LOOR - Stretch for the Stars
K KARDEN - No Man's Sky (Original Mix)
Kapera, Gracie Van Brunt - Fading In The Night (Extended Mix)
Kaskade, PYFER - Waste Love v3 (Extended Version)
Kay-D - Firestones (Original Mix)
Leeman Brothers - Space Addict (Original Mix)
Lian Gold, Erika Krall - Follow (Amir Telem & Yehuda Charit Remix)
Lucky Soda - Cry (Original Mix)
Lucky Soda - Take You Home (Original Mix)
Luke Chable - Sealers Cove (Jamie Stevens Remix)
Matt Black - Take My Hand feat asyn (Paul Sawyer Remix)
MicFreak - Divide (Orginal Mix)
Michael A - Fill The Void (Axel Zambrano Remix)
Michael A - Fill The Void (Bursa Remix)
Michael A - Fill The Void (Faded Lights Remix)
Michael A - Fill The Void (Marchesan Remix)
Michael A - Fill The Void (Tech D Remix)
Michael A - Fill The Void (VA O.N.E. Remix)
Michael A - Fill The Void (Yonsh Remix)
Mila Rubio - Breath (Original Mix)
Mokita, Scorz - Scared Of Us (Extended Mix)
Moodfreak - Working Class (Original Mix)
Moorez - Buddha Funk (Original Mix)
N.E.O.N, Monblube - Space Motion (Extended)
Nestora, Rospy - Ethereal (Extended Mix) - (6:17)
Nico Parisi, Monotique - Segno (Nafeer Remix)
Nopopstar, F.A.R - Moments (Original Mix)
One Rock State - Black Hole (John May Remix)
Paul Ursin - Full Moon (Original Mix)
PhilBeat - Try Again (Extended Mix)
PROFF - Nibbana (Extended Mix)
PROFF - Nibbana (Original Mix)
QARAQOOM - Moonajjim (Extended Mix)
Rodrigo Lapena - Magumbos (Original Mix)
RoyCaster - Overture (Original Mix)
Sapienta - Empty Roads (Extended Mix)
Sasha Anne - Catch Me I'm Falling (A Chedu Corea Remix)
Sasha White - Saar Road (Original Mix)
Seraphin - Equinox (Original Mix)
SHAZZE - Opium (Original Mix)
Simon Berry - Meow Miaow (Original Mix) - (7:11)
Solon, Dallerium, Sarah De Warren - Different Dimension (Extended Mix) - (4:41)
SOROUSH YARAHMADI - Lost In Galaxy (Extended Mix) - (6:03)
SoulRedeep - Idiyakoni (Original Mix) - (8:48)
SpringHill - Dreaming (Extended Mix) - (7:36)
Tony Futura, XoXe VL - Binary (Original Mix) - (7:08)
Yeröm - Hesistancy (Original Mix) - (5:46)

100 Exclusive Progressive House Tracks For May 2022