100 Exclusive Trance Tracks For June 2022

100 Exclusive Trance Tracks for June 2022


All tracks are new releases & have not featured on previous packs


Audio Format - MP3 320 Kbps


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303 Dreams - Airwave (Melleefresh Remix) (7:38)
Abstract Vision, Photographer - Zero Gravity (Aimoon Extended Remix) (6:34)
Activa, Mac & Monday - A Light in the Dark (Original Mix) (8:46)
Active Limbic System, Niko Zografos - Elevation (Extended Mix) (7:40)
Adrian Alexander - Dakal (Robert B Extended Remix) (6:24)
Adrian Alexander - Koru (Tomas Heredia Extended Remix) (6:20)
AK, Eric Lumiere - Keep Your Light On (Extended Mix) (6:10)
Alex M.O.R.P.H., Susie Ledge - Aiming For Hope (Not All Superheroes Wear Capes 2022 Extended Vocal Mix) (7:09)
Allen Watts, Yoshi & Razner - Bohemia (Extended Mix) (6:43)
Aly & Fila - Euphony (Extended Mix) (8:50)
Andrea Ribeca - Galactica (Extended Mix) (7:00)
Andy Moor, Somna - Born to Run feat Natalie Major (Extended Mix) (5:33)
Arbe & Dann - Nostalgic (Extended Mix) (6:49)
Armin van Buuren, Jordan Grace, Florentin (IL) - Echoes feat. Jordan Grace (Extended Mix) (5:41)
Arrow - Back in the House (Kai Tracid Mix) (7:48)
Artento Divini, KINETICA - Over And Out (Extended) (5:33)
Astral Projection - Chaos (Bizzare Contact Remix) (7:40)
Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution (Original Mix) (8:02)
Astral Projection - People Can Fly (Delirious Remix) (7:54)
atDusk - Nerf This (Original Mix)
Audien - One Last Dance feat XIRA (Farius Extended Remix)
Aurosonic, Katie Marne - Give Light (Progressive Mix)
Ben Gold - Xtravaganza (Extended Mix)
Ben Gold, Benjamin Duchenne - Take Me Away (Extended Mix)
Bigtopo - Back & Forth (Extended Mix)
Blush - Candy Land (Original)
C-Systems - Every Star (Extended Mix)
Chapter & Page - Revelation (Alex Di Stefano Extended Mix)
Christopher Corrigan, Nadi Sunrise - I Can't Help Myself (Extended Mix)
Ciaran McAuley, Roger Shah, Hannah Brine - You and I (Extended Mix)
Claus Backslash - Valley of Miracles (Extended Mix)
Club Winston - DKD (D. Tiffany Remix)
Conjure One, Jeza - Wolves at the Door (Extended Mix)
Conjure One, Jeza - Wolves at the Door (Shogun Extended Remix)
Conjure One, Jeza - Wolves at the Door (Sunlounger Extended Remix)
Corti Organ, Deirdre McLaughlin - Remember Us (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Gate, Greenhaven DJs - Retrospection (Extended Mix)
Craig Connelly, Gid Sedgwick - Reach Out (Extended Mix)
Dan Stone - I Need You (Extended Mix)
Dan Stone, Stine Grove - I Am Human (Extended Mix)
Daniel Kandi - Nova II (The Second Journey) (Extended Mix)
Danny Eaton - Away from You (Extended Mix)
Darren O'Brien - Lifeblood (Extended Mix)
Dave Neven - Inception (Extended Mix)
David Forbes, Mallorca Lee - The Master (Extended Mix)
Dominus, Malaware - It Begins (Original Mix)
DRYM, Gid Sedgwick - Lost In You (Extended Mix)
Egomorph - The Toxic Human Party (Original Mix)
Elara, Taylor Torrence - Gravity (Extended Mix)
Epidemika - Closer (Extended Mix)
Estiva, Kudus - Fluor (Extended Mix)
Estiva, Kudus - Liften (Extended Mix)
Eximinds - Call Of Changes (Extended Mix)
Ferrin & Low - Breeze (Woody van Eyden Extended Remix)
Fragma - Toca Me (Inpetto 2008 Edit)
Gareth Emery, Omnia - Unity (Extended Mix)
Ghost Etiquette - Swim feat Cora (Extended Mix)
Iant, Dan Picknell, Flund - Beautiful Escape (Extended Mix) (6:21)
Jackob Rocksonn - Shock (Extended Mix)
Jaron Inc. - K.A.O. (Extended Mix)
JEKU - Cursed Commando (Original Mix)
JES, TyDi - Just Believe (Darude Extended Remix)
Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (ALPHA 9 Extended Remix)
Karney - The Autopilot (Original Mix)
KhoMha - Lights Code (Extended Mix)
Komponente, Kurilo - Nautilus (Original Mix)
LUXE - May I Help You (Original Mix)
Maarten De Jong - Magnum Opus (Extended Mix)
Mario Moon, Dave AirmaX - Overnight (Christopher Corrigan Extended Remix)
MaRLo, Achilles (OZ) - Nothing Is Left (Extended Mix)
MaRLo, Jantine - For You (Elucidus Extended Remix)
Marlon Hoffstadt, DJ Daddy Trance - Hard Core Soft Care (Malugi Remix)
Martin Graff - If You Want (Extended Mix)
Martin Graff - Take It On (Extended Mix)
Mauro Picotto - Every Day Every Night (Raffa Giusti Medleymuse Mix) (5:34)
NO-SO - I Do Both Jay & Jane (Extended Mix)
Pacific Sky - Welcome Home (Extended Mix)
Paul Ryan - Stars (Solarstone Extended Retouch)
Red Scan - T02 (Original Mix)
Reznor - Hard Reset (Extended Mix)
Robbie Seed - Holding On (Extended Mix)
Robert Curtis - Blackout (Extended Mix)
Roman Messer, Cari - Silence (Extended Mix)
Roman Messer, Papulin - Jumanji (Extended Mix)
Roxanne Emery, SMR LVE - Let the Light In (Ronski Speed & Harshil Kamdar Extended Remix)
Sam Laxton - Life In Trance (Extended Mix)
Sean & Xander - Redline (Extended Mix) (6:50)
Sean Tyas - Momentum (Original Mix)
Semblance Smile - Pure Action (Extended Mix)
SMR LVE, That Girl - Need Somebody (Tensteps Extended Remix)
Solarstone - Sovereign (Extended Mix)
Spada - Take Me There (Extended Mix) (5:41)
Starpicker - 11110 (Extended Mix) (6:05)
Symmetrik - Excursion (Extended Mix) (6:05)
TDJ - Lalala (Want Somebody) (Paul Copping Remix) (5:45)
TH3 ONE - Endless Memories (Extended) (4:58)
Tritonal, HALIENE - Losing My Mind (djimboh Extended Remix) (7:01)
Tycoos, Sandro Mireno, Ria Joyse - Everything for Love (Extended Mix) (6:00)
Victoriya, Benjamin Duchenne - I Don't Mind (Super8 & Tab Remix) (6:58)
XiJaro & Pitch - Beyond This Realm (Extended Mix) (7:06)

100 Exclusive Trance Tracks For June 2022